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UAE customer Trend: 6 questions that TGI (Target group Index report) raises about UAE Food market

TGI 2011 product book aims at providing percentage penetration of multiple product categories in different countries.

What I have done in the following table is that I have compared penetration of food products in UAE with countries that have scored high in that category. 

Product Category % Usage UAE Country with highest Consumption % Usage
Baby or Junior Food 14% Croatia & Slovenia 36%
Mineral Water 98% Bahrain 95%
Chewing Gum 63% Iran 82%
Colas 72% Philippines 94%
Oils for Cooking and Salad (Main Shoppers) 94% Almost all countries have above 90% except South Korea 50%
Potato Crisps and Potato Snacks 83% Kuwait 87%
Fizzy Soft / Energy Drinks (excluding Colas) 85% Denmark 89%
Ice Cream 90% Denmark 98%
Instant Coffee 61% Israel 80%
Ready-to-Drink Fruit and Vegetable Juices 91% Denmark 93%
Tomato Ketchup 90% Philippines 96%
Mayonnaise 64% Venezuela 96%
Soup 65% USA 89%
Tea (Loose and Bags, including Fruit and Herbal Tea) 93% Indonesia & Poland 98%
Yoghurt 94% Iran 98%

Now this data set poses following questions  

  1. Is UAE market of Colas smaller than the market of Fizzy drink/energy drinks?
  2. Cola market is smaller than ready to drink fruit and vegetable juices? If yes, then Almarai, Al Ain juices and other such brands have done a good job
  3. Obesity in UAE is rising, maybe because of 83% penetration of potato crisps?
  4.  Why Chewing Gum penetration is only 63%?
  5. If South Koreans are not using oil for cooking than what are they using, because that might lead to low level of obesity?
  6. Is there a room for expansion in Mayonnaise or soup market in UAE, considering the eating habits of majority?  

The sampling details for TGI-UAE market are as follow

  • UAE 15+
  •  8 urban cities
  • Sample Size  5,000
  • Jul 2009 – Dec 2009

If you have more questions and want to contact TGI group directly, you can drop them an email at enquiries@globaltgi.com