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Customer Trend: What consumers are doing while you read this post? 21 social media stats

Statistics, that will make your hair stand. Sit down and watch the counter. This just shows how digital media is helping consumer insight manager in gathering data.



Consumer Insight: Sally in Dubai and social media

What Sally (a Filipina Maid) is telling the social media enthusiasts? I just saw an article about a blog by a Filipina maid in the Gulf-news.  

My first question is, is this blog by a maid in Dubai for real? If it is, then it is time to ask the following questions

  • Depth and breadth of social media in UAE – from face book to blogger, how many do we have? What are the numbers? What are they doing? And how can they be accessed & influenced? I compiled some statistics on social media users in UAE but this needs to be updated and expanded.
  •  Work ethics and social media guidelines – This young lady is the first drop of water, now magnify this to the workforce in UAE. Key Question companies need to ask from themselves is when will I be developing my social media usage guidelines, will I be developing them at all? Example of social media guidelines
  •  This Filipina lady is a lesson in blogging – I think copyblogger should present it as a case study; this blog caught the eye of press despite of poor language, no proper training in headline development etc.

Key questions she has asked

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Consumer Trend: Insight into mobile usage

Following are few interesting statistics about mobile usage

  1. Mobile subscriptions more than toothbrushes 4.6 billion human beings are connected through mobile i.e. on an average 4 out of 5 adults have a cell phone (There are an estimated 4.2 Billion people who have a toothbrush and 4.6 billion who have a mobile subscription.) Continue reading

Consumer Insight: UAE dictionary of change

Change has always been the only constant, especially in the United Arab Emirates. A country which is only 39 years old but has attracted global attention in terms of growth rates, construction marvels and is leading the region on many fronts.  

Following are a couple of thoughts on activities/projects which will probably bring some major changes in the media consumption and marketing front of UAE.

The three big changes that I have identified are

  • Content creation
  • Abu-Dhabi getting traction
  • Increased connectivity

I have uploaded my views on slide-share FYR. Hope you find them useful 

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Customer Trend: Post recession Consumer

We (you and I), people who are in the eye of the recession and were in the eye of the unrealistic boom are one of the most interesting consumer segment I have come across during my marketing career. This is the reason why I think so

  • We saw a magnanimous growth in last few years – We saw more than one economic bubble i.e. the dot.com bubble, real estate bubble, and the most interesting of it all is the rise and fall of credit based economy.
  • We have seen wars and threats of terrorism – 9/11, Iraq war, Afghanistan war
  • We have seen the most devastating natural disasters – Tsunami, Earthquakes (Haiti, China, Pakistan) and still we are expecting much more as the “globe is warming up to take its revenge from mankind.”
  • We have seen media revolutions and are still witnessing it – Satellite television, computers, Internet & social media  

All of this has shaped our behavior, we can laugh about things which our previous generations couldn’t. We worry about situation which never existed before. In short, We are stronger, agile, insecure and more connected. If you disagree then enlighten me with your opinion.

Now in the following presentation I am investigating the post-recession consumer. I believe the world is going through an optimism divide i.e. hopeful BIC (Brazil, India & China) vs. the rest of the world. The insecurities and the charged passion is changing marketing landscape.

Here is my view:

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