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Discover Insights Through this Simple Formula to Drive Results

Let me tell you upfront, Insight is not a Hidden Truth. It is not.

Insight is what is pushing people to hide the truth, run away from the truth or simply try to change the truth. It is the conflict between reality and dream.

So look beyond cross tabs, try to see the correlations between the truth, its result and its desirability. If your consumer could tell you everything, then clients don’t need you, clients need you to tell them what consumer cant.

I will not quote some generic examples, let me give you some insights about myself

  1. I want to enjoy big pack of lays chips & a large can of Coke without getting fat
  2. I want you to share this post with the world but I don’t want to sound desperate
  3. I want to travel around the world and still manage to keep my day job

You knew it already, didnt you. Or nope you couldn’t see my point. If not, then let me give you an insight about you

  • You want to discover the secret of success, but you don’t want your Boss to know it

Do you know why people doesn’t pay attention to marketing studies because Truth is boring; and mostly we all know what the truth is. News channel have mastered this art of telling the truth that can drive masses. Because they don’t discover truth alone, they discover why people are playing games with the truth.

Learn from them, this is what their formula is, my friend

Insight = [Truth + (Outcome of the truth x Desirability of the outcome)]

Insight Formula

How to Discover Insight through a Formula

Have you heard insights like guilt free food, A Monk who sold his Ferrari, One Minute Manager all of these are benefiting from the eternal truth and the negative desirability of their outcomes. (I want to be rich enough to have Ferrari with a peace of mind of a Monk)

I can’t share any data set here with you, I still want to have my day job :). But I am sharing the post about new consumer truth and I am adding the insights in blue for illustration.

New Consumer Truths & Insights

New Consumer Truths & Insights

Best of luck in your insight quests, in case you feel you are stuck somewhere in your search. You can always contact me, I will try to help. If you are targeting Muslim Market, I have done some work on it which might be of use to you.

By the way, some time ago I also wrote something about marketing research presentation formulas that can work for consumer insight manager, business intelligence executives, and marketing research personnel.


Business Intelligence Manager vs Consumer Insight Manager – What is the difference

Business Intelligence Analyst

Hello again, I was working on a dashboard just a while ago and it incurred to me how much my job description has actually evolved. I used to be a researcher who provided analysis and recommendations and here I am working on a system that gathers and categorizes data and then syncs them in pre-programmed dashboards.  What a shift.

I started to look for industry trends in terms of job descriptions and salary range “business intelligence manager”. This emerging position not only will be able to charge more than conventional researchers they will also in a very short term will be the best bet for CIO position.   As they practically own the entire data to decision value chain

Here is a skill set comparison, so consumer insight managers and research managers start polishing your decision facilitation skills. Understand the decision/recommendation implication process because regardless of background that one skill alone will define career progression.

Hope you will find the comparison below useful:-

Consumer Insight Manager Research Manager Business Intelligence Manager
Qualification Understanding of research Understanding of research Data Management (IT and Statistics)
Deliverable Strategic Input (Consultancy) Research Study (Tool) Dashboards
Activities & Tasks Commission researches Manage clients Manage Data Streams
Analyze data & its impact on strategic initiative /product /brand / marketing Manage projects Software Development (both in house and outsourced)
Some Examples A consumer insight manager’s output would be A research manager’s output would be A typical BI Manager output would be
JWT intelligence Brand z Presentation on BI Scope
Dictionary of change Television audience measurement SAS: Dashboards Examples
Experience Should Understand strategic planning Should understand the tools & techniques Should Understand Data Capturing, storing, cleaning and analyzing
Should understand basics of project management Should understand basics of project management Should be able to drive programming to facilitate decision making
Should understand MR Should understand MR Should Understand Statistical Modelling
Should be capable of combining research & gut Should be capable of translating research briefs in to profitable research projects Should be able to combine complicated analytics with good presentation skills

Currently working on BI tool to implement the data to decision value chain concept. Will share the learnings soon. Incase anyone has any good insights/case studies feel free to drop me an email.

Exciting times ahead, enjoy bringing life to numbers.


Ayesha Saeed