Marketing research and communication specialist

  • 13 years of experience across 5 countries in strategic planning and marketing communication and research
  • Strategic Planner: A decade of experience in aligning and developing business strategies by deciphering complex data sets
  • A client portfolio comprising of Unilever, P&G, Tetrapak, Coca Cola, Pepsi co, Etisalat (Warid), Reckitt Benckiser, Nestlé, Bata Shoes, Mitsubishi
  • An aptitude to develop innovative revenue streams for companies by keeping a strong eye on emerging trends in the field of digital media, marketing research and brand communication.
  • Experience of working in three markets i.e. USA, Dubai & Indian Sub-Continent coupled with experience of handling a portfolio in multiple markets in Asia & Middle East

My Core strengths: • Brand Communication •Marketing Research •360 Communication Planning •Digital media •Project Management

I am MARCOM (marketing research and communication) specialist with international experience (United Arab Emirates, Qatar & Pakistan). I have a strong appetite for exploring and encashing opportunities – new markets, new clients, and new countries.


  • Conceptualized and Launched Award winning Analytics Project in Dubai 
  • Handled a Portfolio of 25+ Fortune 100 Clients across multiple countries
  • Developed communication packs & powerpoint presentation for the Office of Crown Prince of UAE
  • Launched Online Research Wing for JWT – The first of its kind in Asia
  • Keynote Speaker on National Television & International Conferences  
  • Have participated in multiple business seminars as a speaker on marketing research, social media, (Presentation material for the latest seminar conducted in Abu Dhabi )

 Professional development

My Personal life:

I am an outdoor sports person. Ever-ready for any adventurous activity that comes my way. We have a big group here in Abu-Dhabi and we organize group activities like Kayaking, Parachute jumping, etc and that keeps me busy on weekends.

I also love to travel, explore new places so far I have been to very few countries but the number will surely increase in the future.

My contact details:

If you believe I can add value to your organization, feel free to contact me at ms.ayeshasaeed@gmail.com .


6 responses to “About

  1. Really impressed with your personal and professional profile.

  2. Ayesha,
    I added a third ‘e’ by accident in my #IN answer response.

    The correct link htttp://speedsynch.wordpress.com though you can always go to @speedsynch (software) or @resonantview (analysis) or http://www.speedsynch.com or the mother of all sites http://www.scenario2.com

    Life has become complicated with Social Media unless you are a storyteller.

    Essentially we use our software to ensure that web or social media content (stories) are useful in helping searchers and products find each other.


  3. I know Ayesha since her childhood. She was intelligent , confident & her ability of speech is inherited. I saw her profile after a very long time & really pleased to see her professional achievements. I wish her good luck in future endeavors.

  4. How much time did it acquire u to create “Marketing Research & Communication Executive in
    Dubai.”? It comes with quite a lot of wonderful knowledge.
    Thanks a lot ,Normand

  5. A very good bio and very well written description.

    Just one question, the people you meet are working for certain products and aren’t owners of those companies. Saying it’s their love and sincerity would be a hypothetical statement with no background whatsoever…it can be there motivation to achieve career growth not sincerity for their product solely 🙂

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