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Abu Dhabi Statistics conference 2013

I was thrilled to attend Abu Dhabi statistics conference 2013; a 2 day conference that revolved around data, data mining and collaborative efforts to manage and merge the data sets. My excitement has following reasons.

  1. To see that statistics is becoming more mainstream – the participation of members throughout the Gulf, far east Asia and Abu Dhabi government was a pleasant surprise
  2. Statisticians have finally decided to enter mainstream business. The approach of every presenter revolved around how information can assist ROIs.
  3. Data mining is being discussed at government level and intra-government level.
  4. My favorite session was importance of merging Admin data – not only because it was presented well, but because there was a direct relevance between how information impacted revenues, consumer and stakeholder satisfaction

 What is in it for us, the researchers?

  1. If you are working in Abu Dhabi, be prepared for a more visible SCAD.
  2. Have you ever considered, developing models of customer database? To explain more, have you ever developed a model whereby most of consumer information is not gathered through surveys but through cooperation and sharing of data within organizations, public sector and private sector? If not, start developing one now.
  3. Engage in discussions and conference that talks about open information networks. Lets’ collaborate – recommend names and institutes to operators like  IIR, Ted x dubai etc

Have a great day. Enjoy interpreting numbers till we meet again


P.S. I am a marketing researcher – and i earn my bread from business insights, KPIs, KRIs, ROIs, and all different types of whys. I juggle with numbers all the time. Sometimes I present them, sometime interpret them, sometime receive them. If you have any ideas, about upcoming seminars or some good blog about marketing research presentation and processes please let me know about them


4 Truths About Emirati Consumers that you didnt know

I am intrigued about in-depth understanding of Emirati consumers. In my opinion, a lot of work can be done to improve our understanding of Emirati Consumers.  I have tried to analyze this segment in IBM Many eyes here is the link for the static image and the Java based live visualization

And this is following is the first draft of my understanding.

Emirati Consumer - Infographic (UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi)

Emirati Consumer – Insights

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Google Trends about Consumer Insight and Consumer Trend

I was just fooling around with Google trends about consumer insight and consumer trends. And I landed on following questions.

Key questions:

  • Increasing interest coming from India in consumer research and insight
  • Cognos Consumer Insight as the rising trend. Indicating IBM’s lead in analytics, and interest of Business sector in having in-house analytics
  • Why consumer trend as a term is popular only in USA?
  • Advertising and marketing in Britain relies more on consumer insight than the rest of the world?
  • Why UAE didn’t appear in any search worldwide, I was under the impression that research is getting more mainstream here?


Interest from India

Interest from India

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ESRI – GIS Conference Abu Dhabi 2012

Sometimes, very rarely, you feel great about Your choice of profession. Today is one of that for me.

I am currently attending an ESRI conference on GIS maps and how to integrate the data sets coming from user interaction, system administration etc for data driven decision making.

What has pleasantly surprised me is the interest of diversified set of audience ( CEOs, analysts, engineers, system administrator). And also the fact that public sector in Middle East is actually one of the key players who is using data sets. Don’t get me wrong, when I say GIS I not only mean Urban Planning etc. I also mean statistics Center and how are they using GIS. That’s what I think is cutting edge.

Looking at some of the technologies and software displayed here, it is not hard to say that very soon in Abu Dhabi’s public sector GIS maps will be one of the most common data visualization tool.

Some mouthwatering tools for you

Abu Dhabi Geoportal tool

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Data visualization future in Marketing Research

I started today with the typical Monday blues. (for those who don’t know, in Dubai we work on Sundays’)

Reports, tables, data sets started to pile up in my inbox and the brain just refused to work. So I went online and surfed through some of my favorite blogs & websites and landed on the results of WPPed Cream. And there is when I found something which can make your weekend a little brighter.

TNS Digital Life is the winner in the WPPed Cream, Consumer Insight section. I strongly recommend that you have a look at it, you might be pleasantly surprised with the data visualization and cross country comparisons.

Infographic – TNS Digital life UAE-Singapore

The second thing I observed that Kantar has a Creative Director….! Aziz Cami. I am delighted to know that Research companies have finally realized the importance of data visualization and presentation and this is a warmly welcomed move by Kantar. I hope others will soon follow. This indicates that in future, we expect to have a creative division in Agencies’ looking after syndicated data.  Finally. Continue reading

How to evaluate a marketing research proposal for a public sector research project

We all know how to evaluate a marketing research firm for an FMCG project, white goods project or a consumer brand. But when it comes to marketing research project related to government/public sector projects the selection criteria changes and there is little written about it.

I think the following guide by ESOMAR on how to commission a marketing research project is quiet comprehensive. Plus this one on “How to hire a marketing research company” is also fairly practical. But in my opinion, the rules of the game change when a project for public sector is evaluated.

Here is the checklist of basic elements the marketing research or the consumer insight manager should look for

  • MR (Marketing Research) agency’s background (Liaison with ESOMAR, International Affiliations)
  • Comprehensiveness of Proposal
    • Understanding of the agency of your research objective. (HINT: look for areas where you can spot whether the agency is still treating your research objective as a private sector project or they understand that for you it is more about consumer and there is limited focus on competitive intelligence)
    • Sampling Methodology
    • Survey Instrument
    • Quality Controls
    • Analysis and reporting (Try and probe further here; maybe the agency is considering including variables raised by EFQM and/or other excellence related authorities. Maybe the agency is proposing to look further into your strategic plan so that they can align the results according to your performance reports. If yes, then this agency should be given a higher weightage as they are trying to display their understanding of public sector excellence models.) Continue reading

Social Media Statistics in United Arab Emirates

[table id=4 /]

Key questions this data raises:-

  1. Average ad-spend on social media per annum is AED 50,000 only. The question is, in a market where TV is extremely fragmented and print is very expensive what is stopping brands from exploring new media? Continue reading