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Ode to Researchers

An Ode to Researchers

We have the numbers

The heart & the art

To predict, depict and drive

Profits and Innovation

Strategy and revolutions


We measure what is said and what goes unsaid

We lit darkness with clarity

And study to fuel curiosity

Later we accumulate curiosity to drive humanity

We realize, rationalize and visualize


We drill down to reach to the core, and still crave more

We study every number, figure and symbol

To conquer the fears that are unknown

We hunt for that golden lead –to be our guiding light


So how do you measure the worth of an information hunter?

Through your gains or our insights

Or through the passion we bring for you to thrive

We deserve more than that

For keeping you at the bleeding edge

For building your foresight

For good things to last, pay us right

As only few good men can tame the wild data

And even fewer can turn that into juicy returns

So if you get your hands on one, hold on tight

As we steer you from darkness to light

About the Author: Ayesha Saeed Haq is an insight-a-holic you can contact her through Customer Trend Log or follow her at twitter @AyeshaSaeedHaq  


Information About Global Income Inequality

Ramadan is coming, let’s do something that will make some difference. Here is a great piece of information – strategically gathered and artistically presented.

Following are some insights for marketers in this video

1.)    Think about purpose driven marketing.

2.)    If we can’t do much about purpose driven marketing, we can still work on information and awareness creation about global causes

3.)    Considering sponsoring such initiatives, this Ramadan.

Want to join the cause, visit

Ciao – Ayesha

Perils of a Pakistani Passport

Dear Country men and women, this is a bit funny and bit ironic infographic for you. Problems of a Pakistani Passport.

Infographic - Pakistani Passport

Infographic – Pakistani Passport

Why Did I create it? I recently discovered my new passion, translating information through infographics. Lols.

So I wanted to try online resources to help me create one, I tried What About Me? and Venngage and for the current topic at hand I opted for Venngage. I will write about my experiences of these online resources some other day (so that you don’t make the same mistakes as I did)

But just for you to know once I was done with the visual at Venngage, I realized it doesn’t allow edits once the graphic is published and also doesn’t let you download it. Awesome!

You can always click here to see the high resolution image of the Infographic shared in this post(if it will load at all). Plus, since now you are here why dont you consider looking at these infographics , my favorite is the one about Gen Y audience

And yes, don’t forget to take a Poll

Why poets, artists, movie makers manage to find the timeless insight and consumer insight managers can’t?

I stumbled upon a poem recently (jawab-e-shikwa  by Allama Iqbal) while listening to Shirely Bassey’s playlist on youtube. It struck me, and it struck me bad…how come they managed to spot the right insight and were able to touch hearts and why me (a regular consumer insight manager) can’t?

Consumer Insight Manager or a Magician

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