Information About Global Income Inequality

Ramadan is coming, let’s do something that will make some difference. Here is a great piece of information – strategically gathered and artistically presented.

Following are some insights for marketers in this video

1.)    Think about purpose driven marketing.

2.)    If we can’t do much about purpose driven marketing, we can still work on information and awareness creation about global causes

3.)    Considering sponsoring such initiatives, this Ramadan.

Want to join the cause, visit

Ciao – Ayesha


4 responses to “Information About Global Income Inequality

  1. Mohammad Farooq

    Thanks for the share. Need to turn the VPN on to view Youtube. Will comment again once I view it.

  2. Mohammad Farooq

    The video has so much wealth of information and packs a punch too. Amazing to know being from the field of accountancy how the rich countries are misappropriating the wealth of the developing or the 3rd world countries. Amazing stuff.

    Will joing The Rules have to change website! Excellent share and for helping raise awareness. Take care.

  3. Mohammad Farooq

    No issues. It’s a learning curve for me so the sharing is always welcomed. This is a field for me which is worth exploring being from the field of accountancy. Amazing stuff being shared by you.

    Thanks a lot.

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