Abu Dhabi Statistics conference 2013

I was thrilled to attend Abu Dhabi statistics conference 2013; a 2 day conference that revolved around data, data mining and collaborative efforts to manage and merge the data sets. My excitement has following reasons.

  1. To see that statistics is becoming more mainstream – the participation of members throughout the Gulf, far east Asia and Abu Dhabi government was a pleasant surprise
  2. Statisticians have finally decided to enter mainstream business. The approach of every presenter revolved around how information can assist ROIs.
  3. Data mining is being discussed at government level and intra-government level.
  4. My favorite session was importance of merging Admin data – not only because it was presented well, but because there was a direct relevance between how information impacted revenues, consumer and stakeholder satisfaction

 What is in it for us, the researchers?

  1. If you are working in Abu Dhabi, be prepared for a more visible SCAD.
  2. Have you ever considered, developing models of customer database? To explain more, have you ever developed a model whereby most of consumer information is not gathered through surveys but through cooperation and sharing of data within organizations, public sector and private sector? If not, start developing one now.
  3. Engage in discussions and conference that talks about open information networks. Lets’ collaborate – recommend names and institutes to operators like  IIR, Ted x dubai etc

Have a great day. Enjoy interpreting numbers till we meet again


P.S. I am a marketing researcher – and i earn my bread from business insights, KPIs, KRIs, ROIs, and all different types of whys. I juggle with numbers all the time. Sometimes I present them, sometime interpret them, sometime receive them. If you have any ideas, about upcoming seminars or some good blog about marketing research presentation and processes please let me know about them


4 responses to “Abu Dhabi Statistics conference 2013

  1. Mohammad Farooq

    I agree with you data mining and data collection is a billion dollar industry. IBM is pioneering the work in data mining and understanding consumer trends is of great importance for every company especially as to what the consumer thinks and what does it want from its products, what kind of design the product should have.

    Companies are spending millions to capture and store data and sell it too!

  2. Mohammad Farooq

    I agree the Middle East primarily has a better literacy rate and which translates to better consumer knowledge as a result. The ME market is a growing market which indicates more investment and growth opportunities and a significant effort to gain market share at the expense of your competitors!

    Do companies also package this data and sell it?

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