JWT Anxiety Report: Pakistan – the most anxious country in the world

JWT has just issued a global anxiety index report. You can download it from here

Sadly, 90% of Pakistanis (including myself) are feeling anxious. So Dear Brands in Pakistan, consider this sentiment and work around it and this also includes branding around politicians.

Last time, when majority of Egypt was feeling anxious it resulted in bringing the Govt of 3 decades down. What a bad indicator and a bad sign for newly elected Government

What keeps Pakistanis’ awake at night?

  • Gas prices. Not the tension on LOC but the energy crisis.
  • Rate of Crime
  • Terrorism
  • Unemployment

And to top that, ½ of Pakistanis’ don’t know when & if the economy will recover. India is one of the happiest markets in the world, while Pakistan is in the last 10 of the surveyed countries. We are leading the world in pessimism at the moment.

Pakistan Anxiety details 2013 - JWT Anxiety Index

Pakistan Anxiety details 2013 – JWT Anxiety Index


  • Imran Khan, Shahbaz Sharif  don’t you think you should work together to improve the situation. Instead of playing blame game. When will you guys wake up?
  • Chief Justice, there are more important issues than Pervez Mushraff we need you to focus on those.
  • In the middle of tensions, there is good news as well. Spread it more as individuals and as organizations. (We need more and more of propakistanis)
  • Utilize social media to create awareness, consider crowdsourcing to create solutions.
  • Agencies –  Wake up and try to convince brands to have purpose driven marketing.
  • Celebrities – Please use your fan power to encourage crowd sourcing. (I have recently observed Ayeshah Alam Khan playing a very positive role in many issues faced by a common man)

Remember, circumstances are chances waiting for ordinary people to become extraordinary.

(I have some proposals for purpose driven marketing, will upload them once get a chance. Let’s get together to create a difference.)

Long Live Pakistan.


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