4 Truths About Emirati Consumers that you didnt know

I am intrigued about in-depth understanding of Emirati consumers. In my opinion, a lot of work can be done to improve our understanding of Emirati Consumers.  I have tried to analyze this segment in IBM Many eyes here is the link for the static image and the Java based live visualization

And this is following is the first draft of my understanding.

Emirati Consumer - Infographic (UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi)

Emirati Consumer – Insights

If you liked this post, then you will love this infographic too.  And incase you didn’t like it, drop me a line why and I will try to improve.

Looking for more statts? Here are some presentations about marketing to Muslims, with some good stats about UAE consumer

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Emirati Women Happy with lifestyle:



Emirati opinion about quality of life: http://www.emirates247.com/news/emirates/91-per-cent-of-citizens-happy-with-life-in-the-uae-survey-2012-08-14-1.471482

Traveling Habits: http://www.josourmagazine.ae/english/index.php/2011-09-16-13-30-23/2011-09-16-13-31-00/2011-09-16-13-31-18/893-unique-survey-reveals-travel-habits-of-gcc-nationals

Very good Economic Survey by ADCED: http://www.adced.ae/imageCollection/EconomicReview/Issue/1014201061854536093750.pdf

Emirati Teen Spending: http://gulftoday.ae/portal/443c50ba-b2aa-4431-851f-9eafdf9c1e64.aspx

Emirati Women in Workforce: http://www.thenational.ae/news/uae-news/emirati-women-and-workforce-in-a-clash-of-culture


10 responses to “4 Truths About Emirati Consumers that you didnt know

  1. Mohammad Farooq

    Is this level of research being done in Pakistan? I would be interested to know if possible.

  2. Mohammad Farooq

    This is surprising for me to know. Being from the accountancy side I am not aware due to my lack of work experience :). Is the research level as diversified as say like in the Middle East and a comparison with India won’t be fair?

    • I think, The industry is very sophisticated for many reasons

      1.) High population density and low budgets – so they have to have best sampling techniques and data gathering techniques
      2.)Hard to research areas with high consumption potential – hence large scale studies are constantly designed and syndicated to understand the insights
      3.) Very high telecom penetration – it drives the shift mobile survey and telecom is one of the largest clients
      4.) There are Pakistani research professionals that I am aware of who travel across Asia/Middle East to give lectures on marketing research practices 😛

      Middle East is a different market, the bigger challenge here is so many cultures and so many purchase patterns. The skills required here are different from the ones required in PK.

      In India the industry is perceived to be better than Pakistan, their mathematicians are considered better in terms of data handling when compared to Pakistan.

  3. Mohammad Farooq

    Sorry for highlighting, consumer has been misspelled as ‘Conusmer’ in your title.

  4. Mohammad Farooq

    Thanks for the feedback and your valuable insight. I agree the shift towards mobile especially the evolution of smartphones has made a huge difference as you have rightly pointed out. Data being accessed from the mobiles whether it is location based mapping,4square etc is a prime example of how the data is being collected and how consumer trends are understood.

    So the studies conducted in high population density areas how do you make it sure they are conducted accurately, obviously statistical means are a must I am sure?

    I agree that Indians are better mathematicians and their market is still growing or evolving but unlike Pakistan their evolution has been going for almost 20 years since the economy was opened up in the mid 1990’s.

    I think in Pakistan leaving aside the Urban Areas I am really happy to see the evolution of the Easy Paisa scheme by Telenor and I have no idea what Data mining and collecting would hold for telecom companies there?

    Your views would be highly appreciated.

  5. Mohammad Farooq

    No issues. Your expertise are linked to the UAE and it is stupid of me to ask about Pakistan 😦 . I should be restricting my questions to the MENA region if possible.

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