Google Trends about Consumer Insight and Consumer Trend

I was just fooling around with Google trends about consumer insight and consumer trends. And I landed on following questions.

Key questions:

  • Increasing interest coming from India in consumer research and insight
  • Cognos Consumer Insight as the rising trend. Indicating IBM’s lead in analytics, and interest of Business sector in having in-house analytics
  • Why consumer trend as a term is popular only in USA?
  • Advertising and marketing in Britain relies more on consumer insight than the rest of the world?
  • Why UAE didn’t appear in any search worldwide, I was under the impression that research is getting more mainstream here?


Interest from India

Interest from India

Cognos Consumer Insight

Cognos Consumer Insight

Consumer Trend USA

Consumer Trend USA

Researchers' Paradise

Researchers’ Paradise

Researchers' Paradise?

Researchers’ Paradise?

Research in UAE

Research in UAE


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