ESRI – GIS Conference Abu Dhabi 2012

Sometimes, very rarely, you feel great about Your choice of profession. Today is one of that for me.

I am currently attending an ESRI conference on GIS maps and how to integrate the data sets coming from user interaction, system administration etc for data driven decision making.

What has pleasantly surprised me is the interest of diversified set of audience ( CEOs, analysts, engineers, system administrator). And also the fact that public sector in Middle East is actually one of the key players who is using data sets. Don’t get me wrong, when I say GIS I not only mean Urban Planning etc. I also mean statistics Center and how are they using GIS. That’s what I think is cutting edge.

Looking at some of the technologies and software displayed here, it is not hard to say that very soon in Abu Dhabi’s public sector GIS maps will be one of the most common data visualization tool.

Some mouthwatering tools for you

Abu Dhabi Geoportal tool

Here are some pictures from the conference.

ESRI Conference Abu Dhabi 2012

GIS Based reporting of Census by SCAD - 2012

Geoportal by ADSIC

Here is an exciting press release about the MoU signed between ESRI and Abu Dhabi Govt. If you are working in Analytics within public sector of Abu Dhabi I assure you that good times are coming our way.

Have a great day.


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