Data visualization future in Marketing Research

I started today with the typical Monday blues. (for those who don’t know, in Dubai we work on Sundays’)

Reports, tables, data sets started to pile up in my inbox and the brain just refused to work. So I went online and surfed through some of my favorite blogs & websites and landed on the results of WPPed Cream. And there is when I found something which can make your weekend a little brighter.

TNS Digital Life is the winner in the WPPed Cream, Consumer Insight section. I strongly recommend that you have a look at it, you might be pleasantly surprised with the data visualization and cross country comparisons.

Infographic – TNS Digital life UAE-Singapore

The second thing I observed that Kantar has a Creative Director….! Aziz Cami. I am delighted to know that Research companies have finally realized the importance of data visualization and presentation and this is a warmly welcomed move by Kantar. I hope others will soon follow. This indicates that in future, we expect to have a creative division in Agencies’ looking after syndicated data.  Finally.

And now have a look at the Text cloud of top 5 winners’ in Consumer Insights’ category and what I saw was that the focus is on presentation, value added, interactive, digital and contribution of new player Oracle. These key words hint at the trends in marketing research industry, I have been saying for some while now Marketing research analysts should start to master the data to decision value chain, else they will be replaced…..

2011 WPPed Cream – Consumer insight winners text cloud

Go on play with the data your self, it is available on IBM Many Eyes. If you have any other interesting observation, drop me a line here or at twitter or at linkedin and share your ideas. Two brains are better than one.


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