Social Media Statistics in United Arab Emirates

[table id=4 /]

Key questions this data raises:-

  1. Average ad-spend on social media per annum is AED 50,000 only. The question is, in a market where TV is extremely fragmented and print is very expensive what is stopping brands from exploring new media?
  2. Why no conventional brand is topping the chart?
  3. E-Commerce market of USD 2 billion and still we don’t see anything about , this raises the question about the rating calculation.
  4. Is share of subscribers a good indicator, or we should explore more into user sentiment, loyalty and spending

All the data, is also consolidated in UAE databank . UAE databank, is a project of which aims at combining all the scattered data of UAE consumer in one place. Contact us if you would like to submit or discover any indicator about UAE consumer.

Marketing Research & Content Management ExecutiveAuthor Info: Anam Saeed is an emerging marketing research executive with a knack to explore new age media. She has developed content for multiple local and international clients. Based out of South Asia she brings a perspective of developing markets in her research studies.



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