Consumer Insight: Sally in Dubai and social media Part 2

In Jan, I wrote about the Sally in Dubai Blog which was at that time covered by Gulf News.The first question I had in my mind, was about the authenticity of the blog

Today I somehow landed on this youtube video of Sally, have a look.

“Sally is a hoax and so could be multiple other bloggers who are shaping consumers’ opinion. Will this effect consumers more than marketers or vice versa”

What does this video tells you as a marketer.”

  1. Sally is a hoax and so could be the reality of multiple of bloggers that are shaping the opinions of multiple audience groups.
  2. What is the rule of Social Media Law in such cases
  3. After multiple such cases, Consumers will be confused or will they continue to trust the social media as almost 70% – 80% audience form their opinion through social media platforms

 Additional Readings

  1. Review of UAE Social Media Law:
  2. Blog of Sally:
  3. Previous Post about Sally

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