Consumer Insight: Insights into UAE consumer – part 1

When it comes to MARCOM, I am basically a product of JWT. I follow their tools and techniques for almost all branding and communication problems that come my way. Now JWTs basic principle is to bank of key consumer desires. The desire should be universal not related to brand/product itself. (I can explain this in greater depth, but that is beyond the scope of my this blog entry)

So talking about emerging consumer desire, here is my take on UAE’s consumer. I plan to keep on adding insights about UAE consumer, so hopefully you will hear more often from me on this front

Content hungry consumer seeking valuable knowledge:

In one of the recent forums that I attended I had a pleasure to listen to Martin Newland  and one point which he made was that people in UAE are extremely content hungry and with more and more crappy & ripped off information that revolves around them. The more they want to have useful nuggets of knowledge, valid argument. 

Applying it to brands; Nestle UAE in their recent studies found out that people expect Nestlé to host video content on their website, strange but true. Nestle is undertaking appropriate measures to follow consumer’s desire, I will upload it once it is publicly announced.

In a nutshell, Identify what is valuable to your consumer – In a world of 200million blogs, numerous TV channels, and 3G phones and twitter obviously the demand for information is higher than the supply. People would crave for more and more valuable ‘content’ in the coming times. Caution value is a relative term, a research study is valuable to a scientist but it may not be valuable to your consumer.  But the basic point stays the same, create content that adds value in the lives of your consumer. If you add value through your communication you will add value to your brand.

    • Bird’s eye view of what a consumer in UAE is searching for these days: I ran a search on Google insights for search and the outcome validates Nestlé’s finding i.e. craving for downloads (in a nutshell craving for content)
    • It also highlights the need for networking/community building. So how your brand is adding to this new urge of consumer?

So either you provide them with content or you provide them with a network that enriches their understanding about that content. I suggest, you provide them a topic to talk about because that is directly correlated with your brand image and recall

Identify how consumers are accessing your content: According to experts Consumers are demanding. They want to get the latest TV hits ahead of anyone else …. We see this as a next big wave of content consumption in Singapore.” Allen Lew, CEO, Singapore telecom (Source: Accenture Global Broadcast Consumer Survey 09) This means consumers are now media neutral, they want to find and spend time with valuable and useful content . Over 900 million homes will have an access to VoD by 2010, globally.

 What does this mean?

  1. Create content (even in ads) that consumers find useful.(some campaign examples can be found in the last section of my presentation)
  2. Distribute it everywhere, make it easier for the users to find you ( in case you are wondering whether United Arab Emirates is ready for this kind of activity or not, have a look at the UAE internet & mobile statistics that I shared in my earlier post). Caution: You can be of value to your consumers regardless of their connectivity status based on your objective. Don’t confuse value with distribution channel.

Additional Resources:

Defining Valuable Content

According to Grey’s Eye on Asia – Asian’s value financial comfort, family bonding and locally produced products/concepts. Asians account for a huge expat majority in UAE hence I added insights about Asians.

12 consumer values according to a research study conducted in 2006. But it is still applicable and logical, for detailed definition of values please visit logic + emotion blog

Interesting Survey conducted by Accenture on global broadcast

Marketing with meaning first chapter from the book or visit the blog

Thought provoking blog entry content marketing is not equal to thought leadership

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