Social media and marketing research

By 2010, 70% of online content will be produced by the consumer.  Consumers are constantly talking about you, your product, your brand, and your icons. As marketers now we have only two choices. Either we listen to them or we ignore them.

But then again, they have been talking about you since the beginning of your brand. As marketers we always had only two choices either we listen to them or we ignore them.

We have reached where we have reached with a selective input from them, selective input from our employees, some commonsense and some business intelligence. This not only applies to your brand but also applies to every other successful brand from Pepsi to James Bond.

Following are few ways which can help you listen to your audience 

  1. Measure Social media
    1. Measure word of mouth for free: Here is an article on Mashable that will guide you on the free resources to measure WOM.  Click here to read it
  2. Measure online media
    1. There is another link that I found during my search and it has a comprehensive list of multiple tracking systems to brand monitoring. Click here to read it

I have also tried to compile the sources which can help you listen to your audience, I hope you will find it useful

Social media monitoring

Monitor Buzz Monitor Presence Monitor Sentiments Monitor Website traffic
Google Trends HowSociable? BackType Compete  
Trendpedia – Addict-o-matic PostRank Analytics Quantcast
BlogPulse Trends socialmention ScoutLabs Alexa  
eKstreme   Radian6 BlogFlux Page Rank
Omgili Charts   Visible Technologies
Alltop   Collectiveintellect    
Monitter   Onalytica    

But what does this mean?

Our industry’s (marketing) bread and butter revolves around image building and we demonstrate it effectively. Now social media is an undoubted revolution, it is big, supersonic and it is has a magnanimous impact on the way we have been doing our business. But it has not changed the basics of marketing and marketing research. It has just provided us with tools to use it in our best interest.

Marketing: has always been and will always be the image maker of the company, previously we were doing it on gut and some consumer involvement and now web has enabled us to increase consumer involvement.

Marketing research: Interestingly this profession has seen much technological advancement in its short life-span. Internet is also another technological advancement and nothing else. (The most noticeable one is the WOM monitoring which is a direct outcome of social media growth; this was completely missing from MR’s product portfolio)

Throughout the ages they have been saying “innovate or evaporate” and it’s true for our times as well. The more I read about social media, the more I sense disturbance and panic in the market which should not be the case. Social media, internet, and new generation of empowered consumers are just another addition in the marketing mix. It is a phase in marketing’s own product lifecycle, and these phases make marketing worth spending our careers with.

So enjoy marketing, stop panicking.


2 responses to “Social media and marketing research

  1. “Enjoy marketing, stop panicking.” I love it. The panic stops when a person has a game plan. You offer a good outline to start drafting a social media/online monitoring game plan. Thank you for including us in the list of tools.

    Lauren Vargas
    Community Manager at Radian6

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