Consumer Trend – Insights into the global youth

Young, strong, financially influential, globally connected. These are some of the attributes of young people of our times. With a cumulative purchasing power of $ 592 billion i.e. bigger than the economy of Switzerland, they are far more powerful and equally more capable of bringing radical change. Though the young today are more dynamic than their counterparts in yesteryears but the basic motivators stays the same.

Here is how I think this market can be targeted more effectively

  1. Possible meaningful styles –  Young people today are strongly seeking substance behind styles, after going through their key triggers i think oppurtunities lies in the domain of Nationalistic pride (especially for Asian audience), save the globe, etc.
  2. Motivator: A brand, a concept and/or a government that is going to spend in motivating them and nurturing their risk-taking nature either through investment or through engagement will be successful
  3. Youthland –  They are connected and have crossed geographic boundaries. No government, no brand and no market can afford to take ‘em lightly.  And they grow in groups, so a product promise in US which hurts people in Mid-East can hurt the product far more successfully than before. Similarly you hurt ‘em in Iran you will hear the roar in world. So beware of your messages to the audience globally.  
Additional Resources:
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