List of Consumer Trends for year 2009

I am just compiling all possible sources that chalk-out consumer trends for the year 2009, FYR.

Here is an interesting visual summary- I took it from Not another mindshare blog


  1. Change bites for 2009 by Bates 141 (Atticus award winner)
  2. Nielsen economic current published in August 2009  
  3. Trend watching September 2009 briefing
  4. The sky didn’t fall by WPP –  published in September 2009
  5. Executive summary of Top trend for 2009 by JWT  
  6. MTV youth study: It doesn’t highlight trends as such but it provides meaningful insights about youth
  7. Youth marketing trend: published in marketing magazine in September 2009
  8. The growing power of women by Nielsen– a comprehensive discussion about women economic freedom and its influence on brands.
  9. Mintel marketing research report on global consumers published in September 2009
  10. The wealth report 2009


  1. Eye on Asia by Grey published in June 2009


  1. Ten consumer trends to watch in China by TNS published in February 2009
  2. Consumer behavior during downturn by McKinsey Asia published in July 2009


  1. Rural India myth breaker by JWT


  1. 5 HOT Malaysian consumer trends for 2009 by Synovate published in February 2009  


  1. Great time for consumers- America is on Sale published in October 2009



  1. Trend of Charity in Middle-East and UAE a survey conducted by Master card and published in September 2009
  2. Middle East consumer confidence index by Bayt conducted in May 2009  

       UAE Consumer trends (all news clippings I could gather on the subject) 

  1. Latest spending of regional elite in UAE a report by Synovate &EMS published in June 2009
  2. Nations lite by trend watching
  3. Impact of global downturn on UAE consumer by research and markets
  4. UAE consumer confidence is increasing – news clipping of October 2009
  5. Another UAE consumer confidence index powered by Yougov & Bayt published in October 2009

Useful tools

  1. Google internet stats (for UK); the site provides meaningful stats for UK market. Basically This Google resource brings together the latest industry facts and insights. These have been collected from a number of third party sources covering a range of topics from macroscopic economic and media trends to how consumer behavior and technology are changing over time. 
  2. Google buyer index; Google Domestic Trends track Google search traffic across specific sectors of the economy. A change in the search volume of a given sector on usually provides useful insights. Click on the site and go through major categories  

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