Consumer Insight: How technology is changing our consumer

These days I am working on the presentation for the upcoming seminar in Abu-Dhabi, though there is a very strong emphasis on the learning from my previous employer Consumerlink a project of JWT. However, what I find most amusing is the pace at which online research has evolved and is evolving, look at the five era’s of interactive marketing a study by Forrestor. After going through the details dispersed on multiple forums and websites, this is what I deduced about the new-age consumer.

Extreme democracy: we have entered (some countries are lagging behind but all are on the same path) in the age of extreme liberty. An age where people together can make a huge change and that sense of power is not only new but is sensational for them and hence it is getting more and more traction.

Tribal culture: I somewhat agrees with Seth Godin on tribes we lead we always wanted a sense of belonging, something that connects me with people like me. But the technical definition has changed now; tribes are independent of age, geography and all other profiling questions. Now they are based on opinions, and convictions.

Attention deficit disorder: previously when we used to plan communication strategies out for luxuries the common hurdle on our way was attention deficit disorder (ADD) amongst the richest of all. But the emerging technology has changed that altogether, everybody now suffers with that and it will be interesting to see how marketers will cope with that.

Now what does all that mean to us.

For products: this probably indicates an age of extreme DIY

For communication: maybe its time to start considering consumer generated communications; I also would like to believe that PR will be getting more and more traction than advertising itself.

For Governments: Government 2.0 is the next step; Obama’s initiative is in the right path however I am still unsure as to how it will affect the decisions being taken in parliaments. Parliaments of controlled/censored economies, lobbying will affect the voice of many.

For research: I like the part of the data being generated without much aided questions, what I don’t like is that bad WOM spreads faster than good WOM and hence it makes the whole set of data biased. See how a social media writer sees it

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