Marketing Research Sector: Internet marketing research

To be on internet or not to be on internet…?!?!?

Marketing research; Tools of gathering information in Marketing research differ significantly across the globe. If I tell someone from a developed part of the world that in developing countries CATI & CAPI still doesn’t exist, fieldworker is cheaper then technology based tools of info gathering, telephone penetration is less than 50% and so on then most probably he/she will think I am lying or kidding.

But in recent years, a significant movement has taken place in marketing research. Internet has slowly entered into the realm of MR in developing countries. Though most of the large scale organizations still believe that developing countries are not ready for internet based research, however that belief has not been able to prevent the growth of internet based research in many developing countries. And we can observe significant growth in this respect in countries like India, Pakistan, Middle Eastern countries etc.

Now the questions at hand is, how do professionals like you and me see the future of Internet marketing research in our respective countries. I have developed a small survey that aims at gathering this information. Please give me your detailed opinion, I intend to compile the findings and share it with the respondents as a token of gratitude for participation. Please take the Online Survey


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